The Armaplate brand is one of the original van security product brands, and it remains well known in today's van security industry. Locktec Van Lock Security has used Armaplate products very successfully to providing the ultimate in protection for the existing handle/locking systems of today's manufacturers. This product is designed to prevent forcible entry to the van through a reinforced area located immediately around the lock area or handle, which is often the target of thieves.

There is no need for continual monitoring or maintenance by users once an Armaplate product has been fitted to the particular vehicle. Its solid, two plate construction offers a simple but ideal solution for customers who want to use existing van keys. In addition, Locktec Van Lock Security professionals have found that the large, stainless steel exterior plates give an imposing appearance that is often enough to discourage would be thieves. The product is made even stronger by its internal bolt fixed reinforcing plates.

Armaplate is the appropriate choice if you want to:

  • Secure existing locks and handles
  • Require a solution for a specific door or vehicle model
  • Use existing keys and locks
  • Eliminate any user interaction after installation
  • Obtain a product of the highest quality design and manufacture

While Armaplate is typically utilized for break in prevention, it can also be used after a theft attempt to make doors secure again and to hide any damage that may have been done, which can eliminate the need for costly vehicle bodywork.