Locktec Van Lock Security recommends using ArmourShell on light commercial vans, believing it to be particularly appropriate for modern vehicle fleets. ArmourShell is designed, built, and tested to ensure the highest level of quality and effectiveness in preventing theft by even the most determined of criminals. ArmourShell is constructed of a durable, lightweight alloy, while its semi-automatic manual locking mechanism encloses a hardened steel locking bolt, all of which provides very secure system that requires little maintenance. The innovative angled body design can handle even direct hits with a hammer, and the patent pending interlocking rear body and 45-degree side door body chamfer allows for a gap closure of 3mm, giving additional protection for the locking bolt. The lock bodies contain anti-drill inserts made of hardened steel, which eliminates the thief's option of going around the lock system. Its anodised finish is of the highest quality and will prevent corrosion in even the most troublesome environment. ArmourShell additional provides the most secure mount available through its internal reinforced fixing plate.

Available in two modes: semi-automatic locking (push to lock, key required to unlock) and manual locking (key required to both lock and unlock).

ArmourShell comes in standard and mini sizes.