ClutchClaw from Locktec Van Lock Security virtually eliminates the possibility of a van being stolen. The product locks the clutch and brake pedals together, which make the vehicle impossible to drive. In test attacks conducted by a professional car thief, ClutchClaw resisted attempts to steal the vehicle for a period of 30 minutes and 58 seconds.

The "Mark 4" model utilizes a series of pegs positioned under the top box and adjustable along its entire length. Once these pegs are put in place, ClutchClaw is said to be "dedicated" to its particular vehicle, locking the pedals together and effectively jamming them into the vehicle's bulkhead floor. And the semi-automatic locking feature of the ClutchClaw eliminates the need for a key to lock it.

The installation of the ClutchClaw does not require additional bracketing, and it fits nearly any LCV that has a minimum of 75 mm of pedal bar available below the dash. Once set, it can be found and locked in just seconds, and its small size allows it to be stored under a vehicle seat for rapid access.

The latest model of the ClutchClaw comes with a flashing LED display and window stickers.