ProPlate has been cleverly designed to provide protection for the area surrounding an OEM's door handle. This vulnerable area is frequently targeted by thieves.

ProPlate can be installed without the need for drilling, since it is attached to a vehicle by the existing handle. This maximizes security compared to other products that merely "stick on" to the van.

ProPlate is manufactured to ensure that optimal security is provided with only minimal intrusion, and in most cases, the manufacturer's internal door card can remain in place during installation, which saves considerable time and money.

ProPlate from Locktec Van Lock Security offers an excellent deterrent and solution to a common problem. It is recommended for use in large fleets to prevent break-ins, but it can also be used to cover damage to a door or to re-secure a door after an attempted or successful break-in.

ProPlate can be installed quickly and easily and is available with a brushed metal, stainless steel finish