Reda Lock Cover

The Reda Lock Cover provides weather proofing for external hockey puck locks used on work vans. The cover addresses a common problem with this kind of lock, namely that it is susceptible to seizing up and potentially locking the operators out of the vehicle.

The Reda Lock Cover from Locktec Van Lock Security will protect your van locks from dust, direct, ice, snow, water, salt, and all others kinds of road related grime. With the cover in place, you can be assured that your lock with continue working at its best during the worst environmental conditions.

The Reda Lock Cover is made of high impact plastic. It is attached by five rear earth magnets, which fasten the cover around the locks. No need to worry about loss or theft, since a tether cable connected to a bolt makes sure everything stays in place.

The Reda Lock Cover can be attached safely to a van's bodywork with integral plastic coated magnets when it is not being used. And with the magnets, access to lock is fast and easy when it is needed.