Locktec Van Lock Security knows that there may be times when it is necessary to replace the OEM lock on a door, and so we offer the ideal product for this situation. RepLock lets you implement a secure replacement for the original lock that uses an anti screwdriver, nut fixed system that can, if necessary, be connected to a vehicle's existing central and/or remote locking facility. RepLock offers an alternative approach where protection plate systems cannot be used due to damage or if a more aesthetically pleasing option is desired.

The innovative design of the RepLock system makes it virtually impossible for thieves to punch through a door. It features a lock face that is 55 mm in diameter, a 30 mm threaded body, a 34 mm locking nut, and a large reinforcing washer inside. This design significantly increases the strength of the area immediately around the lock.

The main use of RepLock is as an upgrade to standard security, but it may also be used to cover the damage of an attempted break-in or to repair a door if thieves have succeeded in gaining access to the van.

RepLock includes a built in dust cover, anti drill body pins, and a large internal reinforcing washer. It can be used in existing operations, with most remote and/or central locking applications, and to cover damage from previous break-in events.

RepLock has been comprehensively tested to ensure long life and low maintenance.