Locktec Van Lock Security offers the SlamLock as an answer to the problem of operators mistakenly leaving their vehicles unlocked. With SlamLock, vehicles are locked automatically whenever a door closes. The door cannot be opened again unless the appropriate high security key is utilized, thus making sure that doors are always locked when they need to be and decreasing the chances of theft significantly.

The SlamLock is made of durable materials so there is no chance of its mechanism becoming clogged if water, dirt, or dust gets into the key way. Additional strength is provided by linking in to the manufacturer's latch system. SlamLock also features a high security cylinder, a large internal reinforcing washer, anti-drill roll pins, a 34 mm locking body nut, and selectable operation. SlamLock is the most popular choice among major couriers and parcel delivery firms in the United Kingdom and is often a requirement from most insurance companies.

Locktec Van Lock Security offers a direct release function in most cases, so doors can be opened directly when turning the key. This is especially useful for busy couriers who carry multiple parcels. All systems are rigorously tested so that they will provide long, maintenance free work lives.