Van handles can be easily removed because of the plastic clips and insecure fittings used to attach them. This has become a growing problem for fleet operators, but it is one that can be easily resolved with the SlamPlate from Locktec Van Lock Security.

SlamPlate offers maximum protection against handle removal and represents the safest alternative to the vulnerable OEM handle. SlamPlate offers more system integrity and strength than an OEM lock system, and does so without additional drilling or fixing points during installation in most cases.

SlamLock automatically locks when a vehicle's door closes, and it will not reopen unless the right high security key is used. This means a dramatic reduction in the potential for theft.

SlamPlate has a direct release function as well, so a door may be opened directly via use of the key. This one handed capability is especially popular with couriers who frequently handle parcels by the handful.

The SlamLock construction features either galvanized steel coated with a black polyester power finish, or stainless steel. Special consideration has been given to the model specific design of SlamLock so it always follows the existing contours of a vehicle's door.