SpareLock is designed to battle a growing trend, theft of spare wheels from commercial vehicles. While the problem may be unrecognized by the general public, it is a critical issue for operators, since the average expense of replacing a wheel, tyre, and repairing damage caused by this criminal act averages some £380.00. Then there is the added cost of work time lost while a van is taken out of operation. Often, the loss of a spare wheel is not noticed until it is needed, which can result in lost time costs as well.

Although vehicle operators may think that they only way to stop spare wheel theft is to remove them and store them at a depot or inside the vehicle, Locktec Van Lock Security has another answer with SpareLock.

SpareLock will only release the spare wheel from inside the van. A thief cannot disable SpareLock from under the vehicle, reducing the chance of a successful theft of the spare wheel. Those who take this approach are met with a visible deterrent showing that SlamLock is installed.

Most applications of SpareLock utilize a locking bolt that can be worked via the manufacturer's wheel brace, no need for a key, which can be lost. Other applications utilize a standard allen key to lock and unlock the mechanism.

SpareLock can be removed and refitted in just a few minutes, and installation is very easy. The whole installation takes only 20 minutes, and once SlamLock is in place, it is totally maintenance free.